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Multi-Pack 120 Size: Small - ComfyLife Premium Adult Incontinence Pull Up Pants High Absorbency 120 Pants

Category : Incontinence
 134.50 Per Box of 10 x 12s (120

Product Features

  • Premium quality Adult incontinence Pull up Diapers for overnight or full day protection for yourself or those you care.
  • Size: Small - 24" to 35" Inches (60 - 90 cms)
  • Designed with a full-rise waist for a better fit and is equipped with tearable side seams to facilitate quick and easy removal.
  • Could be used for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence.
  • Easy dispose sticker to dispose of without getting messy and locking any odour it might emit. 
  • ADL (Aquisition Diffusion Layer): An Special Layer to keep skin dry. 
  • Wetness Indicator: The water droplet markers will fade away when the interior is in contact with fluid, making it easy to understand incontinence has been occured.
  • 28 SAP Rating and 110 Overall Absorbency Rating makes this UK product our highest performance pants in this category with maximum absorbency.


The Brand: ComfyLife

UK's professional manufacturer of lifestyle products for the Adults and Elderly. 

Premium quality & value for money are our motto.

The Product:

Presenting the best incontinence pull up Diapers to the world of adults with active lifestyle and the elderly who need comfort. ComfyLife Premium range of Pull-Up Diaper Pants are designed to feel comfortably like an everyday underwear, suitable for people who suffer from moderate to heavy levels of incontinence.

  • Wearing Comfort: Made from comfortable and breathable material that are dermatologically tested to provide the best level of comfort.
  • Core Layer: The best spread of Super Absorbent Polymers placed from its core in multiple layers quickly absorbs liquids and any emitted odours and safely locks it away giving its user maximum comfort.
  • ADL Layer: Integrated at the point of liquid contact with the skin is the ADL (Acquisition Diffusion Layer) which is designed to quickly absorb the liquid to lower layers and keep the skin dry.
  • Wetness Indicator: ComfyLife Pull up Diapers are integrated with wetness indicator. The water droplet markers that can be seen from the outside, will fade away when in contact with fluid. This will make it convenient to understand the need to change the Diapers.
  • Easy Dispose Sticker: Tear the side and roll the Diapers after use and use the sticker to wrap up and dispose off.
  • High Capacity fluid absorption: Can easily lock in 2 to 3 ltrs of fluid; particularly suitable for highly demanding situations.
  • Leak Guard: The oval cut leg openings with multi layer elastic cuffs protect against any leakages. ComfyLife's Multi layer leak guard is very unique to the machine that produces our product.
  • Universal Design: Made to fit both men and women comfortably.
  • Waist Size S - 60 - 90 cms (24" - 35")


Legal Disclaimer

Prolonged period of wearing wet pants may cause skin irritation and skin rash; change the wet pants regularly to avoid any skin irritation.


Product: Multibox 120 Pieces.

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