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12 Pack - Comfy Life Premium Full Body Cleansing Wet Wipes for Adults - Multipack of 12 Packs - 960 Wipes

Category : Incontinence
 79.00 Per 12 Packs of 80 (960

Product Features

  • Comfy Life Luxury Full Body Wet Wipes - THICK & SOFT, STRONG & GENTLE, CLOTH-LIKE WIPES; provides a fresh bed-bathing experience without use of water when needed
  • Large Luxury Fresh-Feel Rinse-Free Fragrance-Free Bed Bath Intimate-Care Soft Sheets
  • Ideal for situations when you can’t be in the shower for many reasons.
  • Carefully formulated for sensitive skin; made with Hypoallergenic materials
  • NATURALLY MAINTAINS SKIN PH BALANCE - Contains Natural Goodness of Aloe Vera to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  • Comfy Life Premium Quality Product
  • Save £££ with Multipack 12 Pack option (960 Wipes)

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