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DryEze Multi-Pack of 180 Disposable Bed Pads by ComfyLife

Category : Incontinence
 79.50 Per Multi-Pack

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Product Features

DryEze™ disposable bed pads are designed to provide a high level of quality and protection with maximum comfort. They are manufactured using Virgin Fluff Pulp, layered with Super Absorbent Polymers designed to hold large volumes of liquid. They feature a leak-proof back-sheet and soft non-woven top sheet with the diamond-structured distribution of pulp maximising the diffusion of liquid across the bed pad. 


Size 60x90 Cms  20 Disposable Mats Per Pack

9 Packs per Multi-Pack Box - 180 Disposable Mats


Fast Absorption

DryEze bed pads feature special absorption channels that encourage even distribution of fluid and 5x faster absorption. Before you can even begin to worry about dampness, liquid has already been absorbed and quickly draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you fresh and dry overnight.



Superior Protection Against Leaks

DryEze™ bed pad contains superior leak protection. Once liquid has been absorbed, a secure dry zone prevents leakage from the top, and the waterproof backing prevents leakage from the bottom - even under pressure. This makes DryEze™ bed pads an ideal solution for beds, mattresses, chairs and wheelchairs, as well as other soft furnishings.


Adhesive Strip for secure placement

DryEze™ bed pads are easier to place securely on any surface by using its adhesive strips on 4 corners to securely stick on to any surface.



Soft and Comfortable

DryEze™ bed pads feature a soft top layer that has been carefully designed to feel gentle against your skin.



Kind to Skin

DryEze™ bed pads are latex-free and have been dermatologically tested, providing an ideal solution for delicate or sensitive skin.



Confidence Without the Cost

Each DryEze™ bed pad is created with ultimate patient attention to detail and quality. Yet, we are able to price our product for 35% less cost compared to other Top European brands.

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