Multi Pack Medium

ComfyLife Premium Adult Incontinence Pull Up Diaper Pants


Product Features

High Capacity Fluid Absorption

ComfyLife pull up pants can easily lock in up to 3.0 litters of fluid, making it one of the highest capacity in this segment.

Universal Design with Leak Guard

The oval cut leg openings with multi-layer elastic cuffs prevents leakage. ComfyLife’s multi-layer leak guard is unique to the machine that produces your pull up pants. They are made to fit both men and women providing discreetness under normal clothing. The soft elastic waistband makes it comfortable and secure fit
for your body.

SAP and Pulp Integration

The best spread of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) placed from its core in multiple layers quickly absorbs any liquid and keeps it safely locked away. The ethically produced high quality Pulp from sustainable forests are imported from the USA has been used in ComfyLife Pull up pants throughout, these high quality Pulp helps to retrieve and retain any liquid presence from the point of contact, giving its user maximum comfort.

Skin Friendly and Comfortable Material

To ensure maximum care, our products have undergone rigorous dermatological testing to make it safe for its users.

ADL Layer

Integrated at the point of liquid contact with the skin is the ADL (Acquisition Diffusion Layer) which is designed to quickly absorb the liquid to lower layers and keep the skin dry and in absolute comfort when incontinence continues.

Breathable Material

The layers have been built with breathable materials to ensure skin comfort.

Wetness Indicator

ComfyLife Pull Up Pants are integrated with wetness indicator. The water droplet markers on the outer layer will fade coming in contact with fluid.

Odour Lock

The odour lock system ensures the odour emitted from the inside is locked away within it’s interior layers

Bottom Line

The super absorbing layers rapidly trap fluid to help prevent wetness and leakage while the ultra-soft top sheet keeps moisture away from the skin and ensures you stay feeling comfortable and dry. The pants have an all round body fit and flexible leg openings ensure maximum protection from leakage

  • Easy to fit and comfortable, like normal underwear.
  • Skin friendly breathable material and wide elasticated waistband for added comfort.
  • Odour protection ensures freshness.
  • Latex free and kind to skin.

Usage : ComfyLife Pull Up Pants are good to wear throughout the night due to high fluid absorption capacity. Or use as a day underwear for maximum comfort and discreetness under the clothing.

*Multi-Pack comes as box of 12 packs of 12’s (Total 144 Pants)

Comfylife Medium Products Waist Dimension
Comfylife Medium Products Waist Dimension
Comfylife Medium Products Waist Dimension
Comfylife Medium Products Waist Dimension

Easy to Use

Like you wear a normal underwear, step into pants and pull up to fit
snugly around

Easier to remove

Tear away at the waistband side perforations to remove easily or take off as your usual under pants

Odour lock disposal

Using the fold away disposal seal, roll over The rear stickers on the Comfy Life Pull Up Pants to lock the odour and discard
Easily in to a bin


ComfyLife Pull UP Pants are for
Single use only.